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A young company capable of making a difference.

It is the concept of Erika Dursi’s farm which has its roots anchored to the past but with a strong  taste of courage and experience.

Once home to traditional organic cultivations of olive oil, vegetables and grains, today it represents an excellence in the production stigmas of saffron in its most valuable and natural form.

Saffron – The Red Gold

Five thousand square meters of ambition and crops of the famous “red gold”, which from Oriolo, among the hills of the Ionian coast of Calabria, aims towards the palates of entire generations, well beyond the regional borders.

An artisan heritage, in which the benefits of the Mediterranean climate, the visionary ability, the know-how of the company  and the love for the ancient traditional tastes are mixed, against all forms of industrial processing, generating a spice of unprecedented quality.

For any request: +39 328 9727566