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A matrix 100% pure, Erika Dursi’s Saffron is naturally cultivated and harvested entirely by hand, respecting the climate and biodiversity that characterizes the Calabrian territories from which it originates.

Biologically produced without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the sales in stigmas incorporates highly experienced staff and a careful manufacturing process, which are crucial for an excellent result.

First phase: preparing the soil

A Good soil is the first requirement for a successful cultivation.

In the Erika Dursi’s farm, the plowing process begins between March and April and involves a maximum depth of fifty centimeters. Once completed, the minor portions of soil, still remaining, are crushed.

Second phase: transplanting the bulbs

Make the grooves for the bulbs, position them at a distance of ten centimeters, cover them with about 10-12 centimeters of top soil.

This is the process, strictly by hand, which takes place in August, to ensure good planting.

Third phase: blossoming

Essence and quality are enclosed in the blossoming of saffron.

Between October and November, each bulb produces four to five flowers.  It blooms in a purple aspect  and elongated leaves that last approximately twenty days.

Fourth phase: harvesting and trimming

Delicacy and professionalism. These are the golden rules that Erika Dursi’s farm respects during harvesting and trimming. Two procedures that require experience and manual skill. The first is carried out at the first light of dawn, when the flower is still closed and the second engages in separating, manually, the flower from its pistil.

Fifth phase: drying

The drying process follows shortly after the trimming.

Collected in weaved baskets, the pistils are dried in an electric oven at approximately  40 degrees Celsius for a few hours.  And here is where the magic happens. Up to one hundred and fifty flowers can be born from a single gram of produce.

Sixth phase: packaging

Ready to be purchased and shipped, saffron is weighed and placed in special packs.

A selection of various sizes that allows us to meet your every need.

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